Helping the NHS
Wednesday 06 May 2020
College has been helping the local community during lockdown with the following:

  • College car parks have been opened to NHS staff at Cheltenham Hospital
  • Westal Boarding House is providing NHS staff accomodation
  • College has supplied PPE and hand gel to the hospital
  • The DT departments at both The Prep and College have been making faceshields

If you're local to College you may have seen the 30 metre rainbow that was painted onto the main College field facing the hospital. A fantastic way to show College and The Prep's support of the NHS.

We have also heard of the following Society members who have been providing services and help during this time.

OCs Tom Stubbs (NH, 2009) and Charles Ball (L, 2009) - their day job at Chronomics is analysing epigenetic data from saliva samples to give health insights but during the coronavirus pandemic, they are diverting their resources to helping the fight against COVID-19.

OC Adam Hamilton's (OJ & L, 2003) company Healthcare RM provides general wellbeing support for employees.

OC Charles Wong (Xt, 2010) - Cerie International is now assisting with charities, hospitals and government organisations around the world to procure PPE.

OC Richard Hine (OJ & H, 2011) - British Polo Gin are producing hand rub and alcohol gel.

OC James Whitecross (NH, 2009) - Buildy are providing Covid-19 PPE to help businesses get back to work. Visit their website for more information.

OC Mark Stevenson (Ch, 1981) - Mark has been working on scaling up Covid testing in the UK. You can read more about his work in an interview with Reading University.

Past Parent Aidan Fowler - NHS National Director of Patient Safety

A group of Prep and College Parents have been sewing scrubs for the NHS under the name Cotswold Scrubs.

There are also many other Society members working within the healthcare system, and other organisations, who are supporting the NHS and the national response to the pandemic. Please do get in touch if you know of any Society members who have been helping out at this time.

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